Merry Christmas and Happy New Year NOJA!!!

Sorry for the tardiness of this article. My work schedule through the holidays has pushed my article back a week or two. This week’s Jeep of the Week takes us to Lancaster, New York where we find Mrs. Victoria Aldridge and her 2012 Jeep Liberty!!! Victoria has only lived the “trail life” for only a year or so, but she has adapted to the life very well. Along with her husband, Benjamin, they love to wheel, mostly in West New York, keeping it close to home. However, this Libby has also blazed the trails of Colorado and has also seen trail time at everyone’s favorite, MOAB!! In the future, they would love to venture out to some overland routes like Mojave Road, and expand their exploration to include Colorado!!

Victoria’s ’12 Libby is setup on with a Daystar Budget Boost running some 258/75/16 Duratrac’s wrapped around the stock wheels from the hubby’s XJ!! When the sun goes down, this Libby lights it up, with a Lifetime LED bar for maximum lighting!! Full factory skid plates, tow hooks, and stock bumpers complete the this rig, proving that, you don’t necessarily need to equip your rig with every mod imaginable, to enjoy the trail life and live the Jeep lifestyle!!

I was pretty excited to write this piece because we haven’t highlighted a Liberty yet. I enjoy learning more about the Jeep life, but not only Wranglers, but the full Jeep lineup, as well. I’m learning that every rig in the Jeep family is very capable of blazing trails leaving their mark whether they are modded out, or close to stock!! As you can see with Mrs. Aldridge’s 2012 Liberty, if it is a Jeep, it can get the job done!!

So a big congratulations to Mrs. Victoria Aldridge and her 2012 Jeep Liberty for being NOJA’s Jeep of the Week!!!

written by: Matt Finney

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