GenRight Jeep TJ/LJ Front Tube Fender Flare 4 inch G3 Aluminum GenRight

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Jeep TJ/LJ Front Tube Fender Flare 4 inch G3 Aluminum GenRight

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This is the newest ALUMINUM version (G3) Tube Front Fender from GenRight Off Road, with a 4″ flare for a Jeep TJ or LJ. We have incorporated a removable side panel into this new fender that not only makes it look unique but helps make installation easier and provide a way to remove more under hood heat. Based on our trail proven Boulder Series tube fenders, this model has a 4″ flare built on it to reduce mud and water from being flung around by those big off road tires (also helps to be street legal).

Aluminum fenders are a great way to save weight, only weighing 9.3 lbs each, compared to the steel version, which weigh 21.75 lbs. each! That’s over a 24 lbs. reduction!
This is a great way to repair/replace trail damaged fenders or upgrade/update your Jeeps front fenders with better trail clearance.

  • Super lightweight Aluminum Alloy version, only 8lbs!
  • Innovative removable side panel (easy access to engine compartment)
  • Larger wheel opening to better clear bigger tires
  • Built from durable 1-1/2″ diameter x .188″ wall tubing
  • Easy to install, retains & reuses your stock inner fender well (aluminum inner fender wells are also available). (TFF2SIF)
  • Now includes our perforated (shown) side panels(TFF5506) to remove more unwanted engine heat
  • Available in Hi-Fender version (TFF2730)
  • Also available in a 0″ (TFF2610) and 6″ flare (TFF2810) version
  • Sold un-painted
  • Includes detailed installation instructions.
  • We have Stealth side and front marker/signal light kits (LED1004) available for these fenders too.  
  • 100% made in USA!

Sold Raw unfinished
The fenders will require some prep work before they are ready for paint.
Requires cutting of the factory fender to install
We recommend fully fitting the fenders to your Jeep before painting or power coating

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