GenRight Jeep TJ/LJ Trail Stinger Front Buper Steel GenRight

$659.99 $593.99

Jeep TJ/LJ Trail Stinger Front Buper Steel GenRight


This is the GenRight Off Road heavy duty Stubby front bumper with Trail type Stinger for Jeep Wrangler TJ & LJ (Unlimited).
This is our high quality, high clearance Stubby front bumper with our 1-3/4ヤ tube front winch and grille guard welded directly on. It is perfect for your favorite trail as it will not get caught on any obstacles while on the tight trails. The low profile winch mount design keeps the winch lower than most other bumpers to allow for better air flow into the radiator.
Other Features Include:

  • Improves approach angle
  • Compact design fits tight to the frame and wraps around each side.
  • Works with Anti Rock type front sway bars (factory sway bar too).
  • Re-uses the factory 6 mounting bolts (4 on top and 2 on bottom).
  • Formed from Heavy Duty 3/16ヤ thick steel plate.
  • Includes two 1″ thick tow points (Flat Tow)
  • Beefy 1-3/4ヤ diameter tube Winch & Grille Guard are welded directly on bumper.
  • Includes a heavy duty ᄐヤ winch fairlead mount.
  • Grille bar is taller to accommodate 1″ body lifts.
  • Sold un-painted.

Basic bumper can be purchased separately (FBB2000)
This product is un-painted and will require some finish work before painting.
This product should be fully installed BEFORE painting and then removed for paint or powder coating.
A D-ring Shackle is also available for the two points on this bumper as an option (REC-2100).
A similar model is also available for the YJ (FBB4200).

Additional information

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