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Poison SpyderLJ Rocker Knockers With Sliders Daddy Longlegs Poison Spyder

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LJ Rocker Knockers with Sliders Daddy Longlegs for Jeep Wrangler Unlimited LJ 1997-2006. Now you can build your LJ just like Daddy Longlegs! All of the armor that was custom-designed for this iconic stretched LJ is now available. These items require a 4″ rear wheelbase stretch, and they allow up to a 40″ tire. These “Daddy Longlegs” Rocker Knockers are designed to provide for this wheelbase stretch, and also provide the added strength of true “wheel well to wheel well” (WW2WW) rocker protection.

  • Designed for 4 rear wheelbase stretch like Poison Spyder’s Daddy Longlegs LJ
  • Provides Wheel Well to Wheel Well (WW2WW) coverage and protection
  • CNC laser cut from 3/16 plate steel, precision brake-formed for a perfect fit
  • Slider tube and spacers made of 1.5 dia X .120 wall DOM tubing
  • Flat-head stainless hardware looks great, is corrosion resistant, and won’t hang up on rocks

Rocker Knockers The Ultimate Rocker Armor
Poison Spyder Rocker Knockers protect your rocker panels by cladding them in rugged, high strength 3/16″ plate steel armor. Rocker Knockers are manufactured to hug the lines of your Jeep’s rocker panels perfectly, forming a glove-fit with virtually no loss of valuable ground clearance. Rocker Knockers are CNC laser cut from high strength 3/16″ plate steel, and precision brake-formed for a perfect fit. Bolt holes are countersunk for the included stainless steel flat head hardware, which yields a flat, unobstructed surface to slide over obstacles. All mounting hardware is included as well as detailed installation instructions. Poison Spyder Rocker Knockers bolt to your Jeep’s body in key areas, and interface with strengthened areas of the underside of the tub such as body mounts, strengthening ribs, etc. Because they mount to the body itself, there is no resulting gap or misalignment when a body lift is installed.
“Daddy Longlegs” Custom Rocker Knockers
These Rocker Knockers are designed to provide the same benefits as the ones that were custom designed for our “Daddy Longlegs” stretched LJ. They provide for a 4″ wheelbase stretch with up to a 40″ tire. The longer wheelbase is key for maximizing off-road performance and climbing ability. Moving the rear axle back also improves the departure angle at the rear of the Jeep. These Rocker Knockers also feature “wheel well to wheel well” coverage, providing full wrap-under protection right to the rear wheel opening, ready to withstand those hard hits that happen with the tire slips off  rock. Note that all of the “Daddy Longlegs” components, including Rocker Knockers Crusher Corners&trade: and DeFender Flares, are designed to fit and work together. They may be purchased separately but are not guaranteed to fit with other manufacturer’s armor products.
IMPORTANT: This is a custom item that is built to order.

Please add 2-3 weeks to normal delivery times for this item. For a more accurate ship date estimate based on current work loads in our shop
This product ships as bare steel it will need to be painted or powder coated prior to final installation. We do not offer a powder coat option for this item.