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We have all been there.

Your group is lining up getting ready to go on the trails and you are struggling to air down your tires to the right amount. Well, the wait is over as Up Down Air believes that they have found a solution. Their new kit allows you to air up and down all four of your tires at the same time, without you breaking your back with all that bending over. The kit, which is currently available for JK’s. It’s the perfect solution taking the nuisance out of airing down and up so that way you can spend more time having fun.

Our experience with the company and the product started off great with amazing customer service. This positive experience continued when we received our package. Everything was packed in a tight and orderly fashion and the build quality was phenomenal. One of the many great things about the company is that if you already have an onboard air system then there is no need for purchase of another one, you can just buy the kit with the appropriate mounting bracket that matches your compressor. They even made it so that the quick releases had fins on the end of them that way it would be easier to take them on and off when you are muddy or sweaty.

Moving onto installation, the entire process was pretty simple due to the great instructions that come with the product. With only minor drilling the entire set up can easily be installed in less than a day of wrenching on the jeep.

So all of this is great, but does it really matter if it doesn’t work? Well luckily for Up Down Air this is not a problem as our product worked perfectly on the first try and after using it on the trail for an extended period of time now, we can conclude that the product is amazing. Gone are the days of the hassle that comes with trying to get all of your tires to match while there are three people behind you who want to use the same air hose. With this system all of that is included, all you do is take the four hoses out of the included sturdy carrying case, hook them all up, set your PSI, and start your compressor. That’s it! Now you can go around and chat with everyone else, discussing the paths you are going to take, or eat a snack. All and all the Up Down Air solution is fantastic. Our expectations were truly blown away with how well everything was manufactured, and how well it performed. It was a great experience and we can not wait to see what they have in store for us in the future.

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